Our Yellow Grease is crude or partially refined used cooking oil collected from local, environmentally conscience restaurants & companies. This feedstock is suitable for biodiesel production where it is most commonly used.  Our partially refined yellow grease is low in water, particulate matter, and hydrolysable gums.


Ester-Oil is a specific feedstock ideal for biodiesel production. It contains both vegetable/fat oil and methyl ester. The exact percentage of the two main components varies, however Buster Biofuels provides chemical analysis (product specification) with each sale to allow other biodiesel producers to easily adjust their fuel production process. Our Ester-Oil contains less than 1% Free Fatty Acid, and requires less methanol to convert into biodiesel than any other feedstock.


Various standard grades of Glycerin are available for purchase, or can be custom manufactured to meet client specifications. Buster Biofuels can provide Glycerin that meets or exceeds your requirements. Variables such as pH, Soap Content, Water Content, and Methanol Content, are controlled during manufacturing to produce a reasonably priced product specific to our clients needs..

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