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Reduces annual CO2 emissions by:

7,373.2 lbs*

A local, artisan bakery & cafe

We believe that local tastes better.
We embrace mother nature’s bounty.
We put our hearts into every plate.

Come see why nutmeg bakery & cafe is the future of casual dining.


The Environment

Beyond the health of our patrons and our community, Nutmeg strives to be a steward of environmental responsibility in every way. Here are a few examples:

  • Cutlery: Tree-free cutlery and to-go containers that are made from either wheat-based or recycled materials.
  • Cutlatubes: Harnessing the sun’s rays with Solatubestm; eco-friendly skylights which cut down on energy usage for lighting.
  • Reverse Osmosis: On-site reverse osmosis water system which reduces detergent usage, as well as trash generated from bottled water containers.
  • Repurposed Timber: Old barn siding has been re-purposed and given a second life in our space; instead of using man-made synthetic materials, or new trees.
  • Recycling: On-site recycling program for all glass, aluminum and plastic helps fund area parks. Sourcing local, organic and sustainable produce and proteins as often as feasible.
  • Most of these steps require a bit of extra effort, but we believe it’s our responsibility to lead by example, and make responsible food the new standard.

*CO² results were derived from estimated gallons of oil provided by the restaurant that can be recycled in to B100 fuel; or estimated fuel consumption by the company. Emissions are compared to Diesel #2 fuel and are based off EPA's life cycle analysis. Engine year/type may cause variation in results.

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