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Reduces annual CO2 emissions by:

11,981.4 lbs*

Cafe La Maze History

Our long and interesting History begins in 1935 when the founder and name sake of Cafe La Maze, Marcel Lamaze, who was a Legendary and influential Restaurateur & Maitre D in the Los Angeles area during the Golden Age of Hollywood, founded the Original Cafe Lamaze in 1935. The location was at 9039 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA. The Hollywood location was a Movie Star Hangout, where Marcel was well connected with the movie star crowd. Marcel was known to be a good friend of Jimmy Durante and loved to Play Poker with the Marx Brothers. Subsequently Marcel would receive many Requests from a large number of his influential Hollywood friends to scout a 2nd location near the Mexican Border. continue…

*CO² results were derived from estimated gallons of oil provided by the restaurant that can be recycled in to B100 fuel; or estimated fuel consumption by the company. Emissions are compared to Diesel #2 fuel and are based off EPA's life cycle analysis. Engine year/type may cause variation in results.

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