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Breedlove Kombucha is a delicious health tonic that can help you feel like a million bucks. It’s full of life, literally, and provides a delightful experience while drinking. Let us explain further.

Kombucha itself has quite a history. Dating back to the Chinese Qin Dynasty (around 221 BC) it was referred to as the “Elixir of Life”. Today the same holds true as kombucha is a LIVING culture of beneficial microorganisms. The Breedlove culture process forms a light, naturally effervescent beverage packed with essential nutrients, active enzymes, viable probiotics, amino acids and helpful antioxidants to help support active, healthy lifestyles.

Many drinkers swear by kombucha’s ability to increase energy, improve immunity, lower cholesterol, detoxify the liver, ease arthritis, strengthen kidney function, enhance digestion and balance the body’s pH levels.

Although this benefits list varies from person to person, we have found one thing to constantly hit home… Breedlove Kombucha makes you feel damn good. We can only tell you so much about it. We leave the rest up to you. So go ahead and have your own Kombucha experience. It will probably be amazing

We’re making Breedlove Kombucha because we believe dolphins deserve to swim free. We believe dolphins should remain wild and unharmed by humans. It’s rough living in the ocean these days. But we can change that.

We offer an easy way for anyone to help our flippered friends out. It’s amazing to think traditional consumerism can be changed just by giving you the choice to buy a product whose purpose is more than just looking pretty on the shelves. Your purchasing power can create real change because your money allows us to fund a progressive organization who is fighting for dolphin rights everyday.

So why Kombucha? Because it’s the perfect vehicle to do all this. With its uplifting and full-of-life attributes, it only makes sense. We want people to feel good. Only when the body is healthy can the mind reach it’s fullest potential.  And thats when the big thinking happens.

100% of profits are donated to THE COVE

We believe in Rick O’Berry and his mission to help protect dolphins in Taji, Japan. If you haven’t already, educate yourself now. Watch the film.

To the dolphins….

*CO² results were derived from estimated gallons of oil provided by the restaurant that can be recycled in to B100 fuel; or estimated fuel consumption by the company. Emissions are compared to Diesel #2 fuel and are based off EPA's life cycle analysis. Engine year/type may cause variation in results.

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